Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goal Achievement Plan

GAP - Goal Achievement Program
GAP means Goal Achievement Planning. Achieve all your goals in life and create your wealth in the Long Term by following a Simple, Smart, and Time Tested formula.What is this secret formula for creating wealth?
Is it buying potentially winning stocks?
Is it timing the markets successfully?
Is it Following Expert Advisor recommendations?
Is it saving Lot of Money?
The Answer to all the above questions is NO

There are 3 Simple principles for Wealth creation:

1. Start Early –
The Earlier you start, higher is the benefit of power of compounding. In the example below, Shyam has saved Rs. 3 lacs more than Ram still Ram’s wealth is around 4.40 crores higher. This is because Ram started investing at the age of 25 and Shyam’s investments began at 40, wasting precious 15 years. Don’t waste precious time. Start your savings as soon as possible.
Investment Starting Age2540
Investment - Monthly SIPRs.5,000/-Rs.10,000/-
Saving Years till age 6035 years20 years
Total Investment MadeRs.21 lacsRs.24 lacs
2. Invest in the Right Asset Class - 
Equity is the only Asset Class in the long run which has been able to beat not only inflation comprehensively but also all the other asset classes. One right decision of choosing the asset class can significantly impact your returns in the long run.

3. Save Regularly - 
Save regularly to get the benefit of Rupee cost Averaging and Automatic timing in the market. By Saving Regularly, you buy more when the markets are cheap and you buy less when the markets are high. Thereby giving you an advantage in all market cycles

Goal Achievement Planning helps you in planning your finances in the most efficient manner so that you can take care of all important responsibilities of your life in an easy and a commanding manner. It ensures that the right amount of money is available at the right point of time for satisfying your needs.
Education -
An important aspect in life of all of us. Whatever we are today, wherever we have been able to reach in our life and our career, our education has played a pivotal role in it. And when it comes to children, there has to be no compromise. In today’s competitive world education is the pillar on which the edifice of our children’s future is going to be built. Our children need to get the best of education in the most prestigious institutes in the world.
As a parent it’s our duty to provide for the resources for our children to excel in the world tomorrow. Start planning for your children’s education through Goal Achievement Planning and you yourself will be surprised that how by saving in trickles you can not only secure your children’s future but also have the satisfaction of making the best things available for them.
Marriage -
A time to enjoy. A time to share happiness. A time to enter into a new world, a new life. Marriages have with them a blend of moments which everyone in the family cherishes and keeps alive in their memories for years and years. Marriage is also an important societal event, where everyone looks upto you in terms of its grandness. Your children, at the time of their marriage want to do everything they ever wished to and are confident that as a parent you are there to fulfill all their desires.
Modern day marriages are far more exuberant than the sober and traditional functions done in early days. Enjoy the fun in marriage of your children rather than worry about the costs tomorrow by starting your GAP SIP. Start investing early and you would require saving even less than the current cost of marriage for the marriage of your children in future.
Retirement -
Something which goes and never comes back is Youth and something which comes and never goes back is Old Age. But old age is no more about only taking pills and sitting retired. Old age is about exploring more. Old age is about being much relieved from pressures of the world. Old age is about enjoying life at its fullest. And we have to achieve this on our own rather than becoming a burden on our children.
Rather than being dependant for our ordinary and extraordinary expenses on our children, we have to be strong enough to take care of our needs and also giving financial independence to our children. Plan your retirement through GAP SIP now and live an exhilarating care free life after retirement.
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